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War on Winter


If you’re like me, you’re probably getting sick of this nasty winter. It’s really been taking it’s toll on the south and southeast, as well as pounding tons of extra snow on our friends up north and northeast this year. How do we get through these last few weeks without going nuts?  One thing we can do is pamper our skin. It sure needs it after all this dry winter weather and indoor heat!  Here are some great tips I found, in an article on life123.com

Use Sunscreen:  really!  One might not think winter sun is that bad, but have you seen how skiiers pile up the suncreen?  It is even worse on top of already chafed and dry winter skin.  Snow will even magnify the sun!  Ouch!  Use our sunscreen face lotion     for a pleasant non-greasy lotion that caters especially to the delicate skin of the face.

Use care when bathing: Water (on the outside of your skin) dries your skin out. Be sure to drink plenty of water, as that moisturizes from the inside.  When you bathe, use a gentle exfoliator at least twice a week in the shower (try our new easy body essentials kit ), and in the bath,  use less hot water , and add a moisturizer to your bathwater, such as our Skin So Soft Soft & Sensual  bath oil. (use any scent you like, but my favorite is Soft & Sensual)

Keep your Hands Moisturized:  During winter months, and all year, really, we need to keep our hands moisturized.  This is especially tough to do in winter, as we are generally trying to fight germs and washing our hands constantly.  Keep lotion in your office, in several locations around your  home, and travel sizes in your purse and your car.  For dry itchy skin, I love our Moisture Therapy calming relieve body lotion with oatmeal  .  And for elbows, use the moisture therapy calming relief balm .

Remember to protect your skin on all fronts and keep the moisture in. Count on the relief of Spring on the way!  Let’s face it with some radiant, happy faces!