Tarot Exercise – colour your own!

got to save this awesome link! Fun way to learn the tarot!

Tarot Taxi

Once upon a time, somewhere on the www, I found uncoloured line-drawn copies of the RWS cards. I have found it very useful to colour my own as a tarot exercise, and am always pleasantly surprised by what is revealed to me in the process. Perhaps it’s because I look at the cards differently during the process of colouring them, seeing details I had not noticed before.

An example of this is the Three of Swords card. When I spent time colouring this card in I unexpectedly noticed  that the swords were sharp upon entering the heart but blunt upon exiting it! Something changed the blades in the process of piercing the heart! This was something I had really not noticed before colouring in my own Three of Swords card. I also noticed for the first time that it was raining (in the card)! In these unexpected discoveries lie exciting new…

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Spring Break or No Break: Carve Out Some Down Time



It is Spring Break around here for most students. And while my kid has the week off, I still have to work. Yea it can be tough, but them’s the breaks for working moms sometimes.  Even working moms and other busy women  (yes I am talking to you) can find clever ways to carve out little bits of “down time”. 

Be in the moment.

Rather than “sigh” every time my son says “Maaauumm”, I try to revel in the sound of his 11 year old voice and remember there will be times when I wish I could hear him call me.  I try to be thankful that I mean so much to this special little person.  I find a way to make our little day-to-day interaction a little less hum drum, with a funny face or a surprise tickle, or mock imitation back “Whaaauuuttt”?

Create your own moment.

It doesn’t take long to sit on the back porch swing and take in a little spring breeze, or to check the stars in the night sky, or appreciate early morning sounds. Now that we’re getting up an hour earlier, take the opportunity to create a new habit for yourself.   Five minutes of doing “nothing” can mean a whole lot of something.

Find some “me” time

The old saying “If Mamma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy” has a ring of truth, especially if she’s the busiest one in the family.  Remember to take some time just for yourself on a regular basis too.  A 15 minute bubble bath or nice brisk walk can clear your head and help you focus more on what you do need to do when you need to do it.

Later, Tater

Are you constantly trying to think of all the things you need to do, even when you are trying to relax?  Keep a little notebook or use the note function or calendar on your phone to keep track of all that, so you it doesn’t clutter up your head.  Let your down time be just that. Power down and let yourself worry about it later.

As we begin to look at a change in seasons, take the opportunity to pencil in plenty of time for yourself. Alone time or time with friends or family, make sure you are feeding your own soul.  Time may not stand still, but whatever is so pressing at the moment can surely wait, at least a little while, while you take care of you.