On the Fence? Help With Your Tough Decision


There have been many times in my life I was faced with tough decisions, and, quite frankly, I fell on the wrong side of the fence more times than I care to count.  Yes, the journey has taught me many lessons, but I sometimes wonder  how different my life would have been if I had discovered the tarot much earlier.

Turns out, the tarot can really help when making a tough decision (or any decision)!  There are several ways to go about it:  a simple one-card “yes or no”, can help, but so can an intricate spread designed especially for your particular dilemma.  The great things about  tools of the tarot is that there are so many ways to find your answer.  Read for yourself, have a reading done, simple spread, intricate spread, whatever you decide to do, the tarot is ready to help you.  It does not make your decision for you, however!

The main thing the tarot does is eliminate several dozen other options, and whittle your situation down to one or two issues that may be affecting your indecision.  Once you address these few things, often the answer will be standing right in front of you, “staring you in the face”.  You’ll wonder why you every had any problem deciding at all – it just seems to obvious!  That’s the clarity of the tarot working for you!



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