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Tarot Exercise – colour your own!

got to save this awesome link! Fun way to learn the tarot!

Tarot Taxi

Once upon a time, somewhere on the www, I found uncoloured line-drawn copies of the RWS cards. I have found it very useful to colour my own as a tarot exercise, and am always pleasantly surprised by what is revealed to me in the process. Perhaps it’s because I look at the cards differently during the process of colouring them, seeing details I had not noticed before.

An example of this is the Three of Swords card. When I spent time colouring this card in I unexpectedly noticed  that the swords were sharp upon entering the heart but blunt upon exiting it! Something changed the blades in the process of piercing the heart! This was something I had really not noticed before colouring in my own Three of Swords card. I also noticed for the first time that it was raining (in the card)! In these unexpected discoveries lie exciting new…

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Asking the Right Questions

I want to know...

I want to know…

Isn’t this doggie a cutie?  He’s certainly curious, as I hope you are. I really want to help you, so I’m hoping I can coach you a little into thinking through your questions before you ask.  It’s easy to ask the general things, like “does he love me”? or “will I get a promotion?”, but the best way to serve you is to help you whittle down the question to a precise thing you would like to see happen, and that you feel is possible given the right set of circumstances.

We’re not about raining fire or creating chaos.  The tarot doesn’t judge or take sides.  What we need to do, when we do our work together, is to find the right question for you to ask the tarot.  When the question is in tune with your spirit, i.e. is really what you want and need to know in order to somehow improve your life, the answers flow much more clearly and fully.

Then, if you need further clarification, we can do that too.  So think about what you want to happen, then work backwards until  you find a way to ask the questions that can lead to that happening.  Here is an example.  Let’s say I’m looking to buy a house.

Goal:  to live in a new(er) home in a quiet neighborhood.

we might at first just want to ask “how can I get a new home in a better neighborhood”?  but the more effective question would be “what do I need to do to start working toward finding/obtaining a newer home in a better neighborhood”?

See what we’re doing?  Pulling the question back to ourselves.  Not what can the universe do for me, but how can I follow my true path to get there?  What does the universe already have laid out for me?  How do I know which path to take?  These are the types of questions for which the tarot works best.

Often I have done readings, multiple questions for the same person, and even though the questions may be different, often (quite often in fact) the same cards will come up for that person, even when I use a different deck!  That tells me that there is something within the querent that needs to be worked out along the path these cards suggest – no matter what the question is!  So, we need to be very clear on what we want before we begin.  Broad questions can lead to confusing and misleading answers.

What is Tarot?

Mystic BridgeThe real answer is that it is many things. If a picture tells a thousand words, then a tarot card tells…. well infinite words.  The first decks were developed before most people could read, so the symbolism was very important.  In order to convey a message, the pictures had to tell a story.  Each card has it’s own story – a little vignette, that helps the reader to ascertain what the card may be trying to teach us.  The cards themselves are but a conduit to the spirits – both of the the querent and of the universe.  They assist in conveying a message through the reader. That is why it is so important to me to keep my reading area clear and open to positive energy.  I spend time in contemplation and meditation for each reading  – to insure clarity and also to double check myself, that I am not “projecting” my feelings or hopes into the reading.  There is a great deal of synchronicity involved in the tarot.  It is best to let the universe flow naturally through the reading and through the reader, without trying to force an answer we wish for.  For that reason, it is very important to begin a reading with an open mind.  I believe that works both for the querent and the reader.  So, before you task yourself with wording your question, be sure you are clear of mind, and calm of heart.