What Does it Take for You to Smile?

Happy in the snow

I notice some people smile all the time, while others seem to express their joy less frequently. Smiles are contagious, that I know, but even the most cheerful being sometimes hits a road block in spreading good cheer.  My question today is, what does it take for you to smile?  Do you have to feel great, look great, be with someone special, be doing something in particular?  Do you have to be laughing to find yourself smiling?

It might seem ridiculous, but the physical act of smiling can enhance your mood. I’ve read about this and tried it myself.  It does work, even if only for a few seconds, or a minute.  The more frequently we smile, however, the better our overall mood.  I catch myself smiling when I am alone sometimes, just thinking about something that makes me happy, or listening to something on the radio that makes me smile.  It is wonderful thing, our ability to have “moods”.  I think it may be unique to humans. Why not make the best of what we have and try to keep things happy?

Here is my reason why:  If we are not in a good mood, we are closer to being down, or angry, or sad.  Something small that happens to us when we are already down can bring us down more. But if we make an effort to stay upbeat, those small things will not eat away at us. Instead, they will just roll off our smiling face and never be seen again.  Happiness is a choice.  Find your inner smile and let it out this minute!




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