Your Skin and Your Environment

Beauty Pageant Queen

Katherine Webb

A lot of times we “Southern” girls get compliments on our skin.  Many of us claim it’s the humidity that makes our skin  so soft and lovely.  I do know that women in the south are twice as likely as women in the north to get certain types of skin cancer.  That makes me wonder if there is really anything to that. I know that moisture is a must, so it does make sense.  Here’s a question:  do you feel your skin has problems due to your environment?

The McKinley Health Center at the University of Illinois warns students about the hazards of dry skin due to their cold and windy weather.  They suggest using moisturizers and milder soaps, as well as not too hot water and shorter showers.

The sun can be a problem too for some skin types, especially fairer skin.  We all need some sunlight, but those of us with fair skin are more susceptible to the sun because somewhere in our genealogy, our ancestors migrated far north of the equator, where we had to adapt.  Subsequently, we developed fair skin to “let in” the sunlight which is not as strong the further you get from the equator.  This means those of us who migrated back, and end up where the sunshine is stronger, can get more damage to our skin than someone who is more environmentally adapted, with darker skin tones.  Be sure to use an everyday moisturizer with spf 15 or higher to protect your skin from too much sun.


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