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Sample tarot Reading – Three Card Spread

Child of EarthThis is a simplified version of what you might get in your free tarot reading.  Since the tarot reading would be more personal to you, I might go into more detail about your question.  Remember, the more detailed and specific your question is, the more effective and solid your tarot reading will be.

Question: “How can I (we) be more mindful of the #earth ?”
Spread: Three card
Cards pulled: Judgment – The Magician – Ace of Pentacles

Judgment represents the past. Do we go forward with courage in our quest to save her (the earth)? or do we slip into regret, and pretend there is nothing we can do (“woe is me”). Have we gone too far in our wastefulness and disregard for the earth and her sensitive ecosystem? Or can we still bring about change?

The Magician tells us we can influence change with divine energy, as shown with the fertile tree bearing fruit. This can be a time, if we allow it and work toward it, of healing and renewal. If we set our hearts to it we can expect miracles. We need to become clear sighted about what needs to be done.

The Ace of Pents shows us the earth mother with branches full of life and her feet rooted firmly in the ground. We can expect success, stability, and well-being.

Very positive tarot reading for our earth I’d say, but we need to work on collective positive energy, steer away from negative/scare tactics, set solid goals toward saving her, and change our actions accordingly.